The CABINZERO adventure began in 2010, inspired by a passion for carefree travel and a desire to live life to the full. Noting the growing luggage restrictions imposed by airlines, we asked ourselves some questions. Trolley cases and heavy check-in bags were still the norm, but wouldn’t it be better if we could keep our hands free to take pictures, keep our balance on rocky paths or sample the local street food? And couldn’t we spend less time queuing in airports and more time shopping or sipping a pre-flight beer? The quest to design the ultimate cabin bag had begun! Now a global brand with outlets in more than 35 countries, we remain proud of our British roots. Our bags combine international, urban style and flair with our traditional values of understated quality and attention to detail. And like all true travellers, we never stop moving, learning and pushing our boundaries.

Cabin Zero Catalogue 2020

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