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Worldwide USB Charger

• Worldwide USB charger with 4 USB ports

• Integrated USA plug, interchangeable UK, EU and Australasian plugs

• 4.8A auto-regulating power output

• Fast and efficient charging for smartphones, tablets and other devices

• Use in more than 210 countries



Don’t get weighed down by multiple chargers and adapters on your next trip, this handy Worldwide USB charger allows you to charge four USB devices at once, so that you don’t need to carry multiple units. Offering fast and efficient charging in more than 210 countries, it has a 4.8A auto-regulating power output when dual charging, powerful enough to efficiently and quickly charge smartphones, tablets and other power-hungry devices. Use it across the world thanks to its interchangeable US, UK, EU and Australasian plugs.

Additional information

Weight 0.159 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30.5 × 67 cm

Absolute White

Quantity Per Pack



Electrical, Plastic

Electrical Rating

100-240v / max 0.8a / 50-60hz


Check local voltage is compatible with your electrical product before use, Does not convert voltage, Please read all precautions, Read all information and instructions before use and only use as directed, See instructions for full details.

Safety Declaration

CE : Conforms to EU safety directives, WEEE : Conforms to EU waste electrical and electronic equipment directive

USB ports



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